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Northern Healthcare

Fire Retardant Curtains

Fire Retardant Curtains for Care Homes

NHC Group is a manufacturer of fire retardant curtains specially designed for the care home sector. All of our curtains can be custom made to your exact requirements and we offer a full measurement & installation service too.

Please start by choosing from the list of styles below - these are available in a wide range of fabrics and can be manufactured to fit any size or shape of window you require - even bay windows.

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Why Should You Invest in Dedicated Care Home Curtains and Blinds?

Every assisted living facility aims to mimic the looks of a residential home as much as possible to enhance the residents’ mental health. So why not buy residential curtains and blinds in the first place?

Let’s find out:

Dedicated Curtains and Blinds Can Protect Your Residents and Your Care Home from Accidents and Fires

According to the Care Homes Regulations Act of 2001, you have to “take adequate precautions against fire risk”. Curtains and blinds are often the starting points of fires.

Fire-retardant curtains meet The Framework for Enhanced Health in Care Homes. This framework specifies that “The Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) model moves away from traditional reactive models of care delivery towards proactive care that is centred on the needs of individual residents, their families and care home staff.”

In this case, being proactive means reducing the risks of fire before coming up with ways to put fires out quickly.

Care homes residents often suffer from neuro-degenerative conditions, which makes them more susceptible to leaving fires unattended on starting a fire without realizing it. Flame-retardant curtains and blinds ensure that, even if a fire starts, it won’t spread too fast and it will affect as few residents as possible.

Care Home Curtains Can Improve Your Residents’ Cognitive Functions

Care Home Curtains and Blinds

Certain patterns can make life easier for residents with dementia, while others can negatively impact their quality of life. For example:

  • Contrasting patterns can help them with orientation. This is why the curtains in a care home shouldn’t be the same colour as the walls.
  • Certain patterns can give the impression of uneven surfaces.
  • Stripes and zig-zags can be perceived as moving objects, which confuse your residents.

At NHC Group Ltd., we have a wide range of patterns, all of which are dementia-friendly. We know that soft furnishings often matter more than the furniture itself when it comes to the quality of life. This is why our care home curtains and blinds are created with your residents’ well-being and health in mind.

Not sure which curtains or blinds are ideal for your care home? We’re happy to help you make the right choice! Schedule a free, no-obligations call with our consultants!

Blinds and Curtains for Care Homes Can Match Any Interior Design Style

You don’t have to worry about fire-retardant curtains crashing with your interior design. Take a look at our portfolio -- you’ll definitely find something that complements your furniture and your other soft furnishings.

Fire-Retardant Curtains Created to Last for Years

Flame-retardant curtains are a must-have in care homes across the UK. But this doesn’t mean that they should cost a fortune -- to buy or to maintain.

fire retardant care home curtains

The NHC Group flame-retardant curtains can be washed without losing their properties. Moreover, you don’t have to change them after five years (as some guides suggest). We can always re-treat them with flame-retardant substances so you can enjoy your investment for longer.

How Many Types of Curtains for Care Homes Are There?

You’ll love this answer: you can find more types of curtains and blinds for your care home than for a residential home. Where does the difference come from?

Care home curtains can be fire-retardant or regular. We strongly recommend the first option!

Let’s take a quick look at the most common styles and types of curtains you can choose for your care home:

1. Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet or grommet curtains take their name after the metal ring surrounded by fabric that is used to hang the curtain on the rail. They can be used in any room of your care home, but most of our clients use them as shower curtains.

Eyelet curtains offer extra protection for your resident. The metal ring makes it almost impossible to accidentally drag them along with you if you fall or lose your balance.

2. Wave Top Curtains

These are perhaps the most popular curtains for care homes. They are very versatile and they can match any kind of interior design -- the main two reasons that account for their popularity.

For wave top curtains, hooks are used to attach them to the rail. These hooks can come in many shapes and styles to match your decor, but our main concern here is their resistance to pulls and shocks. We use extra-strong hooks to enhance your resident’s safety.

3. Pencil Pleat Curtains 

Do you want your curtains to pop and to be the focal point of the room? Then pencil pleat is the way to go!

Pencil pleat curtains have gathered folds, which makes them resemble pencils. They are ideal for patterned curtains as this style makes the patterns even more eye-catching.

4. Pinch Pleat Curtains

Looking for versatile curtains? Pinch pleat may be the right answer for you!

They offer a different way to drape your curtains over the window. The combination of sharp lines at the top and soft flows at the bottom makes them perfect for spaces that are comfortably casual or traditional and elegant.

Get the Perfect Curtains and Blinds for Your Care Home in the UK

care home blinds

Found a curtain style that you love on our website? Are you still looking for the perfect style match?

Give us a call either way! Our product catalog is updated regularly and we can always source more curtain or blind styles for you.

We’ve spent the past two decades turning care homes into safe, welcoming, and stylish havens for their residents. Need more reasons to work with us?

There are plenty:

  • Customizable curtains and blinds for your care homes. You can match and mix any style and pattern you like.
  • Turnkey service: we’re right by your side every step of the way! From the consultation call to the installation and maintenance of your care home curtains and blinds, you’ll always have us in your corner.
  • Flexibility: you know what you need best. If you choose to install your curtains and blinds yourself, you can always do so -- you will never have to buy services you don’t need. If you prefer to have them professionally installed, the engineers at our sister company Nichol and Hill will gladly take this off your plate.
  • Made to measure curtains and blinds for your care home: don’t worry if you don’t have standard windows or a standard decor. All the Nichol and Hill curtains and blinds are made to measure.
  • NHS-compliant products: avoid hefty fines and ensure the complete safety of your residents.
  • Flame-retardant curtains that meet British Standard BS5867. This means that you can wash them and they will not lose their properties.
  • Budget-friendly options: if a more affordable solution exists, we will always recommend that first.

Not sure where to begin? Talk to our consultants! We’ll be happy to help you choose the care home curtains and blinds that fit your needs and your budget!

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