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Care Home Furniture

Care Home Furniture and Healthcare Furniture Suppliers

Looking for ideal care home furniture in the UK? You have come to the right place!

For 20 years we’ve been supplying care home furniture, healthcare furniture, and nursing home furniture to care homes and nursing homes across the UK. Our range of care home furniture is designed to help both normal- and low-mobility nursing home residents, as well as create a welcoming environment for everyone.

We want to be able to give you everything you could need in your nursing or care home, which is why not only do we offer equipment to help those who are elderly or disabled, but we also offer care home furniture. The furniture that we offer is great for bedrooms and lounges. Choose from a wide array of styles the one that fits your home’s décor and architecture. From bedside tables to wardrobes and from reclining chairs to visitor lounge chairs, you can find all the furniture your nursing home needs at NHC Group.

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Why Do You Need Special Care Home Furniture?

Doesn’t a regular bedroom furniture set cut it? Can’t you simply buy visitor chairs from a regular furniture shop?

Not really. There is more to care home furniture or healthcare furniture than meets the (untrained eye). Let’s start with a quick primer on how nursing home furniture is different:

Furniture for Residents with Limited Mobility 
The elderly and people requiring living assistance have different needs than younger or more abled-body people. As we age, our muscles become weaker and our joints need extra attention. Our balance is also frailer. Even if a care home resident is not bed-bound, they still need extra support.

Assisted living furniture reflects just that.

For instance, recliner chairs designed for nursing homes support residents who have trouble getting up from a regular chair. Some of them can even fully lift the user. This way, your residents enjoy extra mobility and independence, while your staff has more time to attend bed-bound residents.

Poor seating choices can exacerbate mobility issues. A recent study has shown that the ideal chairs for care homes:

  • Have armrests to ease entry and egress
  • Are above the usual height to help residents get out of them easier
  • The seat pan is not as deep as in regular chairs so that their users’ feet can always touch the floor
  • Have high backs to provide above-the-average back and neck support

This is why nursing home chairs are often higher than regular ones and they offer extra support.

Care Home Furniture for Residents with Dementia 
There are currently more than 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and that number is expected to rise exponentially over the next few years.

Irrespective of their mobility level, nursing home residents who suffer from dementia or other neuro-degenerative disorders need special furniture. Some of the features incorporated in the NHC Group range of care home furniture are:

  • Clearly visible and contrasting handles
  • Open scoop drawers that minimise confusion
  • Simple, subtle, and warm tones and patterns, since strong colours and vivid patterns can cause confusion to some dementia patients
  • Contrasting patterns (as recommended by dementia researchers), but without strong tones
  • Smooth edges and curves to ensure residents’ safety
  • Easy to clean surfaces to prevent infection and germ spreading
  • Various partitions and storage options for “cue” or memory cards or memory-triggering items.

Aside from care home furniture for people with limited mobility or dementia, at NHC Group you will find everything you need in terms of healthcare furniture.

Deluxe Care Home Chairs for Guests

At NHC Group, we understand that you don’t want to change your furniture often. This is why all our care home furniture is designed to stand the test of time.

Browse through our photo gallery and you’ll immediately notice that we pay extra attention to the quality of the materials used, as well as to the design – both essential components in enhancing durability.

Also have a look at the furniture range of our sister company Nichol & Hill:

Nichol & Hill Furniture

More importantly, our chairs for care home guests are created to ensure both guests’ and residents’ safety. They use the same design principles (soft tones, soft contrasting patterns, and curved edges) as the furniture for residents’ bedrooms and common areas. This way, confusion is avoided for dementia sufferers and safety and comfort and ensured for everyone.

All of our furniture is available with a wide range of colour and different handle options. You can also take advantage of our package deals and bulk discounts.

NHC Group is an established family business, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, cost effective nursing equipment. We provide standard delivery throughout the UK, and even offer overnight delivery or installation and commissioning for those who need it.

To take a look at the full range of care home furniture that we offer, simply scroll down the page and click into a product to find out more

Care home rise and recliner chairs

Our rise and recliner chairs for care homes are ideal for a wide range of mobility issues. From people who simply need extra support for entry and egress to residents who require thoracic support, there is something for every nursing home resident.

Some of our rise and recliner chairs come with additional accessories (like tables or foot plates) and even with waterproof fabrics. The chairs are marked with levels one to four, so it’s easier for you to choose the right model based on your care home residents’ needs.

Level one is ideal for users who need very little support when seating or standing. Level two comes with enhanced postural support and additional sitting/standing support accessories or features. Levels three and four are designed for care home residents who need total support to prevent or delay the onset of permanent postural modifications and optimum pressure management.

Care Home Bedroom Furniture Ranges

Looking for care home bedroom furniture that answers the needs of the elderly or those with limited mobility and, at the same time, is aesthetically pleasing? Browse our bedroom furniture ranges to choose the styles that complement your nursing home design.

All our care home bedroom furniture can be created in custom colours or patterns. You can also order custom accessories or extra pieces for each bedroom.

Don’t forget about our bulk discounts and package deals! Please call 0191 419 7395 to discuss your options.

Why Choose NHC Group as Your Care Home Furniture Supplier?

With 20 years of experience in the field, NHC Group is dedicate d to helping care homes, nursing homes, and healthcare organisations to provide the best for their patients or residents.

Our care home furniture is designed by experts and always in accordance with NHS standards
You get complete services: free consultation calls, installation, and maintenance
From bedroom furniture to pressure mattresses and medical room equipment, you can find everything you need in the same place
Not sure where to begin? Talk to our consultants! We’ll be happy to help you choose the care home furniture that fits your needs and your budget! 

How is care home furniture different from regular furniture?

Care home or nursing home furniture is designed to offer extra support for people with limited mobility and to avoid confusion in people with dementia. Additionally, this furniture can be waterproof and assist residents with sitting and standing.

How much does a cheap care chair cost?

An average care chair costs around £1500, depending on the number of accessories and features it incorporates. Before buying a recliner chair or a care chair, we strongly recommend you discuss with a physician or a care home furniture consultant to assess the user’s needs.

Can I buy nursing home furniture for at-home use?

Yes, there is no minimum order for the NHC Group care furniture. If you want to care for your loved ones at home, we’ll be happy to help you choose the right furniture for their needs.

Do you sell dementia-friendly furniture?

Yes, all our bedroom furniture or care chairs are already dementia-friendly. We use soft tones, contrasting patterns, and soft edges and curve to maximise safety and minimise confusion in dementia sufferers.

Can you customise my care home furniture?

Yes, we can customise almost any product in our care home furniture range! Anything from colours and handles to accessories and the number of furniture pieces in a set can be personalised. Call or email us any time and tell us how we can create the ideal furniture for your care home.

Yes, we can customise almost any product in our care home furniture range! Anything from colours and handles to accessories and the number of furniture pieces in a set can be personalised. Call or email us any time and tell us how we can create the ideal furniture for your care home.

Stripes and lines can be confusing for patients with dementia. Strong colours can also increase irritability.

However, pattern contrast is necessary to avoid confusion. Try to use warm, soft colors and contrasting, easy-to-use handles. Dedicated partitions for every type of item (clothing, books, or keepsakes) also help in avoiding confusion.

How can care home furniture help prevent infections?

Furniture pieces for nursing homes are typically designed to be easy to wipe and clean. The surfaces are always smooth to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Care home chairs and mattresses can also be waterproof to increase their durability and prevent infection spread.

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