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Commodes & Commode Chairs

Enhance Dignity and Comfort with Our Premium Commodes & Chairs

Discover our comprehensive selection of Commodes & Commode Chairs, offering both fixed and stackable models, alongside portable and foldable solutions perfect for diverse care environments. Our range includes shower-friendly designs and bariatric options, tailored to support the elderly and those with specific care requirements. Crafted with innovation, including rimless technology for enhanced hygiene, our products are designed to promote independence and dignity. With over two decades of expertise, certified to ISO 9001 standards, we guarantee quality and reliability across our range. Each toilet chair comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for care homes and private users alike. Trust in our commitment to providing exceptional care solutions at competitive prices, enhancing the well-being of residents and loved ones with superior comfort and safety.

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What Is a Commode Chair?

A commode chair is a portable chair that comes with a built-in toilet. This aid usually has a removable pan that needs to be emptied manually after every use.

Commode chairs are a solution created for individuals with very limited mobility. You can place them at the bedside of the patient and use them for extra support when raising or lowering.

Commode chairs eliminate the need for an extra rail. However, they do require the assistance of a caregiver.

Who Needs Commode Chairs?

Approximately 4 million elderly adults in the UK suffer from limiting long-standing illnesses. More often than not, these illnesses come with a reduction in mobility and various incontinence issues.

While the elderly are the primary users of commodes and commode chairs, there are other categories that can benefit from these aids:

  • Aging patients who require bedside toileting.
  • People recovering from an accident (such as a fall) and who are temporarily unable to make the trip to the bathroom.
  • People who are unable to lower themselves down to a conventional toilet or stand up from it.
  • There are commodes who can also be used as shower chairs or transfer devices, thus aiding in more activities for people with limited mobility.

What Are the Main Types of Commode Chairs?

The bedside commode market has a wide range of products to choose from. Commode chairs come in various styles and with various options. NHC Group covers the most in-demand types of commodes, along with accessories for them.

Not sure which type of chair commode fits your needs? Browse through the most popular types:

Metal-Frame Commodes
This is, perhaps, the most popular type of commode. Metal-frame commode chairs are very affordable, which plays a big part in their popularity. They are also very light weight and very easy to clean and disinfect, which makes them ideal for care homes and hospitals.

Just like other types of commodes, they have a pan or a bucket fixed underneath the seat. Most of the metal commode chairs are height adjustable – also a big advantage if you need to use them for more than one patient or resident.

Another appealing quality of the metal commodes are the removable arms. This feature makes the aid very convenient for side transfers, especially if you use it as a bedside commode or if you need to access it directly from a wheelchair.

Need a commode that can be efficiently stored? Metal commodes excel in this area too, as you can easily stack them with other same-model aids. Plus, most of the models offer improved stability thanks for their splayed legs.

Wooden Commode Chairs
Wooden commode chairs are a popular option for residential homes, where the aesthetics of the place are important. They easily blend into the design and décor of your home, which makes them a discreet addition to any house. Wooden commodes are available in many styles, so you can even disguise them as standard furniture.

They are usually made from wood (hence the name) and come with upholstered padding. This makes them resemble a conventional armchair thanks to their lift-off seat that conceals the pan, but also increases the comfort of the user. The padding is ideal for limited-mobility users who have skin sensitivity.

Bariatric Commode Chairs
Bariatric is a term that refers to people who are severely overweight to such an extent that it impairs their mobility and day-to-day activities. While all commodes have a maximum weight rating, bariatric commodes are specifically designed to accommodate overweight individuals.

Besides being stronger than your standard commode chair, they are also wider. Some models also come with wheels or padding which makes them very versatile.

Wheeled Commodes
As the name suggests, wheeled commodes are very versatile and can often double up as wheelchairs. Some of them can also be used under showers. However, before you do so, make sure that your commode is designed for use in wet rooms. Since they have wheels, they also need to have specific features (like a lock-in to keep the wheels in place) that ensure they don’t become slippery in the shower and cause accidents.

Most of the wheeled commodes have a metal frame and often a padded seat and padded armrests and backrest for increased comfort. The main advantage of this type of commode is the fact that it can be used with the bucket or pan it comes with or wheeled over a regular toilet. They are also fairly easy to wipe clean and disinfect.

Some wheeled commode chairs have self-propulsion – large rear wheels like a regular wheelchair. We recommend you opt for such a model if the user has some degree of mobility and can use the commode on their own – for instance to make the trip to the toilet.

Extra Options for Commodes

As soon as you’ve settled on the type of commode chair you need, you can start thinking about additional options. While these options are not available on all the models or on all the types of commodes, we recommend you talk to our consultants for help in finding the right combination. Some of the options or features you may find useful are:

  • Removable arms. Opt for this feature if you plan to use the commode directly from a wheelchair. This will make the transfer process much easier, since you don’t have to lift the patient over the armrests. Using a transfer board will simplify the process further. Commode chairs with removable arms are very popular in care homes, but you can also use them in residential ones.
  • Foldable commode chairs. If space is any issue in your (care) home, foldable commodes are your best option. You can easily tuck them away in a corner or a designated room when they are not in use. Do keep in mind that you will have to remove the pan before folding them. Even so, they are great options if you need to move the commodes across narrow hallways or to take it with you on a trip.
  • Padded armrests and backrest. Even if they are not included in the standard model, we can add padded armrests and backrests to your commode. Ask our consultants if you are interested in this option.
  • Various colours for wooden commodes. If you opt for wooden commode chair, then the aesthetics are important for you. We can customise some of the commode models, so don’t hesitate to ask us about it!

Why Buy Commode Chairs from NHC Group UK?

At NHC Group we provide a great variety of products for every part of a nursing home, so we offer a great choice of products for the bathroom. Our aids have been adapted to be used in the bathroom and are designed to suit the needs of anyone living with a disability or elderly users. We have a collection of bathing and showering aids, as well as toileting products, including commode chairs. So, with our help you can make your bathroom fully accessible, safe and easy to use, no matter what your disability or age is!

NHC Group are based in the North East, but still provide their services throughout the UK. We offer standard delivery, with overnight delivery if needed. We can also help with installing the product, to make sure that it is perfect before your patients start using them. To take a look at the full range of commode chairs that we offer, simply scroll down the page and click onto a product to find out more!

How much does a cheap commode chair cost?

The prices for commode chairs start at £40 for a basic aid. The more options and the better the materials used, the more expensive the commode chair will be.

How much does a good commode cost?

Good commode chairs with options like padded armrests and backrest or detachable arms start at over £100. Talk to your NHC Group consultant to find out which features you need and how you can optimise your budget.

What if I need to transport the commode?

If you need to transport it from one house to another or for traveling purposes, we recommend you opt for a foldable commode chair.

Space is an issue. Can I still use a commode chair?

Yes, you can choose a foldable commode that you can simply fold and stow away when it’s not in use. Metal frame commodes can be plied to a very small size and fit into cupboards or behind dressings.

Can I use the commode as a toilet safety frame?

Yes, you can, as long as you opt for a commode chair with a removable backseat. All you have to do is remove the pan and place the commode over the toilet bowl.

What are the options for users with sensitive skin?

Since commode chairs are mainly used by the elderly and people with limited mobility who also tend to be at risk for developing pressure ulcers, you can find many options for people with sensitive skin. Our clients prefer the models with cushioned armrests and/or padded seats in this case.

Can I move the user while seated?

Yes, as long as you opt for a wheeled commode chair. You can transport them into the bathroom or anywhere else (typically over short distances).

How can I transfer a user from a wheelchair?

With commode chair with removable arms, you can have a seamless transfer from a wheelchair or any other seated position. Use a transfer board too, to limit the effort you have to put into the transfer.

What is my best option for users who spend a lot of time seating on the commode?

In this case, we recommend commode chairs with wide and comfortable seats, as well as padded armrests, backrests, and seats. This will ensure the user is comfortable, even if they spend a lot of time sitting on the commode.

What is the best option for overweight users?

For overweight users, we recommend our bariatric commode chairs. If you have specific concerns, address them to our consultants – we can help you decide which commode fits an overweight user best, depending on their individual needs and traits.

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