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Evacuation Sheet

The NHC Evacuation Sheet is an essential safety tool for care homes, designed to ensure rapid and secure evacuation in emergencies. This evacuation sheet is specially crafted to work in conjunction with anti-pressure mattresses, providing a seamless and efficient solution for patient safety.

About this product

It is designed to be permanently fixed under a flexible foam mattress using strong elastics, ensuring it is always ready for use. The sheet's design considers ease of use in emergency situations, enabling caregivers to quickly and safely evacuate residents without the need for patient transfers.

Product Details

  • Permanent Placement: Fixed permanently to the bottom of a flexible foam mattress, ensuring readiness at all times.
  • Patient Safety: Equipped with safety belts to securely hold the resident on the mattress during evacuation.
  • Ease of Navigation: Features pulling straps at each end and a holding strap at the head for easier maneuvering through narrow doorways and down stairways.
  • Efficient Design: The slippery sheet coupled with a flexible mattress allows for smooth passage in confined spaces.
  • No Resident Transfer Required: Designed for direct evacuation with the patient on the mattress, reducing the risk and time involved in transfers.
  • Storage Pockets: Includes pockets for storing the straps, keeping them neat and accessible.


  • Compatible with anti-pressure mattresses
  • Strong elastics for secure attachment
  • Safety belts and pulling straps included
  • Holding strap for additional control on stairways
  • Requires two people for operation
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