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Wall Mounted Evacuation Mattress with Storage Bag

The Wall Mounted Evacuation Mattress with Storage Bag is a revolutionary device in emergency evacuation solutions for care homes. This mattress is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of residnets during evacuations, combining functionality with convenience in a compact, wall-mounted package.

About this product

The Wall Mounted Evacuation Mattress is a dual-layered foam device that balances resident comfort with the practical necessity of navigating various surfaces during an evacuation. The lower firm layer is designed to glide over surfaces like carpets, concrete, or stairs, while the upper layer provides cushioning for the resident.

Product Details

  • Dual Foam Layers: Features a firm lower layer for smooth movement over uneven surfaces and a comfortable upper layer for patient well-being.
  • Resident Security: Equipped with safety belts and a foot pocket to securely hold the patient in place during evacuation.
  • Efficient Navigation: Includes pulling loops at each end, with a special loop at the head end for controlled descent on stairways.
  • Durable Design: The tough, slippery coated bottom side ensures ease of movement across various surfaces.
  • Storage Solution: Comes with a pouch for compact storage, allowing the mattress to be conveniently hung on the wall.


  • Dual-layer foam construction
  • Safety belts and foot pocket for patient security
  • Pulling loops for easy handling
  • Slippery coated bottom for smooth movement
  • Compact storage pouch included
  • Suitable for one or two operators
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