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Shower Chairs

Find the Right Shower Chairs for Your Care Home or Nursing Home with NHC Group

If you, one of your loved ones, or the residents of the care home you work for have experienced mobility issues or prolonged weakness in the lower part of your body, then you know that simple everyday activities like taking a shower are impossible. This is why shower chairs can be of a great help to the user and to their caregivers too.

NHC Group is one of the largest distributors of shower chairs in the UK. Scroll down to find all our products in this category and read more about chairs for shower and how to choose the one that meets the user’s requirements.

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What Are Shower Chairs?

Shower chairs or bath seats or shower seats are water-resistant chairs or stools designed to be provide support in baths or wet rooms by eliminating the need for the user to stand up. They can be freestanding or fixed to the wall, in which case they are most commonly named shower benches.

There is a wide variety of shower chairs you can choose from. You can opt for simple waterproof chairs that can be used by people with fairly good mobility, but who suffer from equilibrium problems or get tired easily or for fully supportive mobile shower chairs for users with severely limited mobility. As always, the most important thing to consider are the user’s requirements and individual traits.

First, let’s take a look at who could benefit from a shower chair the most.

Why Do You Need a Shower Seat?

The safety products market is increasing constantly and shower chairs play a big role in this increase. As more and more people grow old in the UK, the number of house accidents is also on the rise. Shower seats are one of the many bath safety products that can improve the quality of life for people living on their own or in a care home.

However, it can be hard to know if you should opt for a shower chair or for safety rails or grab bars. Bath seats offer added stability (which other bath safety products do not). Thus, a shower chair might be necessary for the person(s) you care for if they:

  • Experience significant balance problems, breathlessness, or dizziness.
  • Have a persistent leg or back weakness.
  • Are at risk of falling or slipping or have a history with the two.
  • Get tired easily.

In each of these cases, a shower chair can give the user a bit more freedom and help them regain the confidence to shower independently. Some of the reasons why people opt for shower seats are:

  • They support the entire body when bathing.
  • They can be easily removed from the shower.
  • Most shower chairs are very compact, so they can fit in small bathrooms.
  • They allow space for the caregiver to offer assistance when needed.
  • You don’t need to alter the bathroom to accommodate them.

On the other hand, shower chairs do not offer a lot of support when entering or exiting the shower or bath tub. If the user needs transfer support, you can always opt for a transfer bench. Transfer benches are similar to shower chairs in many respects. They both offer a place to sit and support while bathing.

Unlike shower chairs, however, transfer benches are not designed to be placed entirely in the bathtub or shower. They are supposed to straddle the bathtub, keeping to legs inside of it and two outside.

While this makes for a bulkier aid that is unsuitable for smaller bathrooms, it also offers support when entering and exiting the tub.

What Are the Different Types of Shower Chairs?

Depending on the needs of the user, you can choose from:

Multipurpose Shower Chairs

As the name suggests, these shower seats can fulfill more than one purpose. They also double up as a commode chairs that can be used as a toilet. They come with a detachable pan that you can simply remove when the chair is used in the shower.

Unlike regular commode chairs, these have non-slip legs and are made from waterproof materials, which makes them suitable for use in the bath or shower. Because many people who need help showering may also benefit from an easy-to-use toilet or a toilet frame, multipurpose shower seats can be a good investment for care homes and residential homes alike.

Freestanding Shower Chairs

Freestanding shower chairs can be placed in the shower when needed and removed when not in use. They are the ideal choice for people who don’t suffer from severely limited mobility.

Within this category, you can choose from freestanding shower stools and freestanding shower chairs. The former offer a lower degree of support and can be used with the help of a caregiver or individually if the user’s mobility is not very restricted. Shower chairs, on the other hand, come with armrests and backrest and are a better fit for people with more severe movement restrictions or who get dizzy often.

Wall-Mounted Shower Seats

Wall-mounted shower seats are a permanent feature of the shower. They are a good option for care homes, where more than one resident can use them or for residential homes when long-term use is intended.

These seats usually come with drop-down feet and a mechanism that allows the user to fold them against the wall when they are not in use. It’s important to note, though, that they can only be placed on load bearing walls that have the required strength.

Other Features to Look for When Choosing a Shower Seat

Shower seats come with a lot of features and options. Which of them are a good investment for you depends exclusively on the user’s needs. Still, a good shower seat should have at least some of the following:

  • Great stability: the number one prerequisite of any shower chair. Look for non-slip ferrules on the chair legs or castor wheels that can be independently locked.
  • Waterproof and fast draining: to enhance user comfort and product durability, look for a chair that can air dry quickly.
  • Armrests and backrest: if you’re buying a shower chair for people with limited mobility, look for these features. They will enhance their comfort and help avoid accidents.
  • Additional security features: some shower seats come with an additional lap belt. If you plan to use the chair for people with severely limited mobility or dementia residents, look for this feature.
  • Adjustability: planning to use the chair for more than one person? Adjustable shower chairs may be a better investment, as they can be adapted to the user’s height and width.
  • Detachable armrests: this feature can be of great help with transfers.
  • Cleaning ease: humid environments help mold and bacteria thrive. Look for a shower seat made from antibacterial, easy to clean materials, especially if you plan to use it in a care home.
  • Strength: make sure that the chair you choose can withstand the weight of the user.

Why Buy Shower Chairs from NHC Group UK?

NHC Group has more than 20 years in the business of helping care homes and caregivers ensure the safety and comfort of the people they take care of, whether they are elderly persons or people recuperating from an accident.

We have a wide range of shower chairs that you can choose from and we’re always happy to help you make the right choice. Moreover, we will be with you even after the buy – NHC Group also offers fast delivery (overnight in some cases) throughout the UK and product maintenance.

Not sure which shower chair to choose? Our expert consultants can help! Get in touch for a free consultation!

How much do shower chairs cost?

Shower chairs’ prices range from £17 for a simple shower stool to more than £1500 for multipurpose chairs that double as commodes. If you’re looking for a cheap shower chair, you’ve got plenty of models to choose from in the NHC Group catalog. But first, make sure it’s adequate for the user’s needs.

What can I use instead of a shower seat?

You can always opt for a transfer bench or grab rails instead of a shower seat, if the user’s needs allow it. However, under no circumstances should you improvise a shower seat from a regular chair. This can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Do shower chairs fit in the tub?

Yes, typical shower seats fit in the tub, especially stools. Still, we always recommend you to measure the width of the tub before buying a seat for it.

How do you shower with a shower seat?

Shower seats are designed to offer stability and comfort while bathing. Just as you would while sitting in a bathtub, you can bathe using a shower seat. Some of them double as commode, so they are ideal completing your bath without having to sit up.

How do you take measurements for a shower seat?

Not sure if the shower chair you found fits your needs? Take precise measurements before anything else:

Depth: from the top of the buttocks to the back of the knee. Measure it while sitting in a regular or a wheelchair. Make sure the shower chair you choose has ample depth to be as comfortable as possible.

Height: has to be measured starting at the back of your knee up to the floor. Make sure to remove any footwear before taking the measurements. The user’s feet need to be completely supported.

Width: can the person use the chair without armrests? Do they have enough strength to push themselves up with their arms? If you need armrests allow an extra 10-12 cm in width.

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