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Assisted Bath Surveys

At NHC Group, we understand the importance of ensuring that an assisted bath can be seamlessly installed within regulations before placing any orders. Our Assisted Bath Survey Service offers the convenience of a comprehensive assessment, providing you with peace of mind and accurate information to make informed decisions. For Care Homes, this service is entirely free, and for Private Residences, we charge only £500, which is deductible from the bath's cost if you order it from us.

Why Choose NHC Group's Assisted Bath Survey Service?

  • Hassle-Free Assessment: Our experienced team takes care of all the necessary checks and measurements, ensuring that the bath will fit perfectly and comply with regulations before any orders are placed.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: For Care Homes, this service is entirely free, saving you money and time. For Private Residences, the survey cost is deducted from the bath's total price if you choose to order from NHC Group.
  • Expert Advice: We offer personalised advice on which bath would be most suitable for your needs, taking into consideration your unique requirements and preferences.
  • Layout: We provide detailed drawings and plans, allowing you to easily visualise the bathroom layout and make well-informed decisions.

What the Service Includes

  • Onsite Visit: Our team conducts an on-site visit to assess the bathroom and ensure a thorough examination of all relevant aspects.
  • Precise Measurements: We check the bath's fit through all doorways and other entry points, taking precise measurements to guarantee a seamless installation.
  • Facility Evaluation: We evaluate the existing facilities in place, considering factors that could impact the bath's installation.
  • Remedial Works Advice: If necessary, we offer advice on any remedial works that need to be carried out before the bath's installation.
  • Water & Electric Supply Check: We inspect and verify the water and electric supply to ensure that the installation is smooth and efficient.
  • Decommission of Old Bath: If there is an old bath in place, we take care of its decommissioning, providing a hassle-free transition to the new assisted bath.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with accurate information and expert advice, ensuring a seamless installation process. Contact us now to schedule your Assisted Bath Survey, and let us take care of ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

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