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Airflow & Alternating Pressure Mattress Decontamination and Repair

At NHC Group, we're dedicated to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in care homes. Our specialised Mattress Decontamination and Repair Service, crafted exclusively for the unique demands of care homes, focuses specifically on alternating/airflow mattresses.

This service is meticulously designed to ensure your mattresses not only comply with stringent health regulations but also contribute to a safer, cleaner living environment for residents. It's important to note that our bespoke service is not suitable for foam mattresses, as we aim to provide the best possible care and maintenance for the specific technologies within alternating/airflow mattresses.

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About this product

Exclusively for Care Homes

Our service is uniquely available for care homes, reflecting our dedication to meeting the specific needs and standards of these environments. By focusing on alternating/airflow mattresses, we offer a precision-focused service that ensures the best care and maintenance for the technologies within these essential healthcare items.

Product Details

Why Choose Our Exclusively Tailored Service

  • Specialised for Alternating/Airflow Mattresses: Tailored decontamination and repair processes specifically suited to the technology of alternating/airflow mattresses.
  • Exclusive to Care Homes: Our service is singularly available for care homes, addressing the particular challenges and standards these environments demand.
  • Compliance with Health Standards: Ensuring mattresses meet the most rigorous health and safety regulations, vital for the protection of both residents and staff.
  • Cross-Contamination Management: A critical component in maintaining a hygienic environment, essential for the wellbeing of all under your care.
  • Streamlined and Efficient: From the initial online purchase to the final delivery, our service is designed to be straightforward and minimally disruptive.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By extending the lifespan of your mattresses, our service helps avoid the need for frequent replacements, thereby optimising your budget.

Detailed Breakdown of Our Alternating Mattress Decontamination Service:

1. Collection Pack:

  • Service Provided: Following an online purchase, we dispatch a decontamination bag and box for your mattress preparation.
  • What's Included: The cost covers the provision and dispatch of a specialised decontamination bag and box to securely package your mattress, ready for the collection process.

2. Collection Preparation:

  • Service Provided: We will confirm a convenient collection date and time with you. The mattress must be packed in the provided decontamination bag and box, ready for pickup.
  • What's Included: The cost includes the coordination and scheduling of the mattress collection at a time that suits you, ensuring a seamless pickup process.

3. Cleaning and Assessment:

  • Service Provided: Each mattress undergoes a comprehensive cleaning process before being thoroughly assessed.
  • What's Included: The cost encompasses the entire cleaning, decontamination, and assessment process, employing advanced cleaning techniques and eco-friendly solutions to ensure your mattress meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

4. Repair and Return:

  • Service Provided: We conduct the necessary repairs on your mattress. The decontaminated and repaired mattresses are then promptly returned to your care home in full working order.
  • What's Included: The cost covers both the repair services and the return logistics, ensuring your mattress is returned to you promptly and in a condition that meets our high-quality standards.

5. Eco-Friendly Disposal:

  • Service Provided: Mattresses deemed beyond repair are responsibly disposed of, in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • What's Included: For mattresses that cannot be repaired, the cost includes the eco-friendly disposal service, ensuring that we minimize environmental impact.

6. Service Duration:

  • Overview: The complete process, from collection to return or disposal, is efficiently accomplished within 10-14 days.
  • What's Included: This timeframe is a testament to our efficient processes, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. The cost reflects our commitment to providing swift service without compromising on quality or environmental responsibilities.

Packing Instructions

Proper packing in the provided red decontamination bag and box is crucial. Failure to comply will result in the mattress being returned at a charge, a policy essential for maintaining our service’s efficiency and hygiene standards.

Sustainability and Responsibility

  • Certified Waste Management: We manage waste disposal responsibly, adhering to the highest environmental standards.
  • Conscientious Disposal Service: For mattresses beyond repair, we offer an environmentally conscious disposal service, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Choose NHC Group

Opt for a service that prioritises the health, safety, and comfort of your care home residents and staff. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, ensuring your mattresses receive the highest level of care.

If you would like to talk to our team about our Airflow/Alternating Mattress Decontamination and Repair Service, please contact us.

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