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Northern Healthcare

Health Monitoring Equipment

Aspirators & Blood Pressure Monitors

Our selection of medical equipment is specifically tailored for use in nursing or care homes, catering to the needs of elderly or disabled residents. On this page, we feature two essential tools: blood pressure monitors and aspirators.

Blood pressure monitors are vital for regularly checking the cardiovascular health of your residents, ensuring their blood pressure levels are within a healthy range. Our range includes easy-to-use and accurate devices, ideal for routine health checks.

Aspirators are essential for residents who require assistance with clearing secretions from the airways. These devices are crucial for maintaining clear breathing passages and are designed for effective and comfortable use in a care home setting.

By providing only these select, high-quality medical devices, we ensure that care home staff are equipped with the necessary tools for essential health monitoring and care. Browse our collection to find the perfect solutions for keeping a close eye on your residents' health and well-being.

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