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Northern Healthcare

Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

As with our other products, our chest of drawers with cutaway handles or easy-grip handles come with a 5-year warranty. This warranty reflects our dedication to delivering products of exceptional quality and durability, providing you with peace of mind in your investment.

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Key Features

  • Cutaway Handles: We have a range of chest of drawers with cutaway handles which offers a modern and sleek design, creating a seamless and elegant appearance. The absence of protruding handles minimises any potential hazards.
  • Easy Grip Handles: Our chest of drawers with easy-grip handles are designed for effortless opening and closing, ensuring accessibility for all.
  • Sturdy Build: Crafted from high-quality materials, our chest of drawers are built to withstand the demands of a care home environment. The robust construction with heavy duty castors ensures they remain reliable and durable, even with frequent use.
  • Versatility and Flexibility: These chest of drawers are designed with versatility in mind. With heavy duty castors, they can be placed in various areas of the care home, optimising space and convenience for both residents and caregivers.
  • Easy Maintenance: We understand the importance of easy upkeep in care home settings. Our chest of drawers feature smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces, allowing caregivers to maintain a tidy and hygienic environment effortlessly.
  • Safety Features: The chest of drawers with cutaway handles and easy-grip handles prioritise safety. The design minimises the risk of accidents and provides residents with a secure and comfortable storage solution.
  • Design: Our chest of drawers are crafted with a timeless design that complements any care home decor. The elegant appearance ensures they seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetics of the living spaces.
  • Choice of Finishes: Select from a range of finishes to match the unique style and preferences of your care home.

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