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Northern Healthcare

Northern Healthcare

The beginning

The history of NHC Group dates back to 2002 when Northern Healthcare was a small business start-up in Washington, Tyne and Wear, supplying nursing equipment to care homes throughout northeast England.

By 2004 the company had already expanded into larger premises, with an ambition to extend its territory across other regions, and the following year Northern Healthcare secured its first national contract.

Northern Healthcare – A Story of Growth


How Northern Healthcare survived the 2008 GFT

Further growth required larger, purpose-built premises – acquired in 2007 – and additional operational staff to maintain demand. Even during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 Northern Healthcare continued to grow sales and maintain its customer base, and as the economy stabilised in 2009 the company made further investment in personnel to implement a positive growth strategy.

Northern Healthcare grows through acquisition and diversification

2014 saw Northern Healthcare’s acquisition of a Midlands-based healthcare provider, a move that not only developed Northern Healthcare’s national coverage and customer base but gave access to a broader supply chain.

But Northern Healthcare realised that sustainable growth needed more than just ‘more of the same’. By studying buyer behaviour, the company realised there was scope and demand for further product ranges to provide for more diverse care needs.

One decision was to install an in-house decontamination plant for deep cleansing expensive items such as airflow mattresses that might have otherwise been spoilt and discarded, thereby saving costs for customers and reducing waste.

In 2018, Northern Healthcare expanded its support to its customer base in Northern Ireland with the opening of a service depot in the province.

Northern Healthcare and Covid

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, tremendous pressure was placed on care homes to protect their residents, staff and visitors. This, in turn, placed demands on supply chains but Northern Healthcare continued to support its loyal customers during the difficult following months, ensuring safety and efficient management were maintained throughout.

Northern Healthcare WashingtonNHC Boldon

How Northern Healthcare became NHC Group

By 2021 Northern Healthcare had once again outgrown its premises. A further move to a new location with 24,000 square feet of warehousing provided much-needed extra capacity and the ability to improve operational efficiency.

It also became clear that the company was outgrowing its name, with a customer base extending the length and breadth of the UK and a product and service offering far greater than that of the early days. Other dissimilar organisations also trading under the name of Northern Healthcare was frequently causing confusion, and so NHC Group was born.

The company continues to pride itself on ‘customer first’ approach, affordable-quality products and services which have always been at the forefront from its inception. NHC Group welcomes all customers, new and old, to enjoy the benefits of further progress under this new name and brand.