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Transfer Board Dual Transfer Slide

The Transfer Board Dual Transfer Slide is an essential mobility aid designed to facilitate safe and easy transfers for residents within care home settings. Available with or without handles, its innovative design supports both angled and straight transfers from one seated position to another. This versatility ensures that care home staff can accommodate the specific needs and preferences of each resident, enhancing comfort and dignity during transfers.

About this product

Our Dual Transfer Slide represents a significant advancement in resident mobility aids. The deluxe model features handgrips at either end, providing residents with the means to assist in their own transfer while ensuring the slide remains securely in place. The low-friction surface guarantees a smooth transition, reducing the physical strain on both residents and caregivers. Crafted from totally hygienic materials, this transfer board is easy to clean and maintain, supporting infection control efforts within the care environment.

Product Details

  • Versatile Design: Allows for both straight and angled transfers, accommodating various transfer scenarios and resident needs.
  • Secure Handgrips: (Deluxe model) Offers extra security and self-assistance capability for residents, enhancing user confidence.
  • Low Friction Surface: Ensures a smooth glide from one seat to another, minimising effort and discomfort.
  • Durable Construction: Made from materials that will not crack, splinter, or compromise hygiene, ensuring long-term use and safety.
  • Weight Capacity: Safely supports residents up to 150kg, catering to a wide range of individuals.


  • Models Available: With or without handles, to suit different user preferences and requirements.
  • Handgrips: Provided on the deluxe model for increased security and autonomy during transfers.
  • Surface: Specially designed for low friction, facilitating an easier and more comfortable transfer.
  • Material: Constructed from hygienic and durable materials, resistant to cracking and splintering.
  • Dimensions: 75cm long, 22cm wide
  • Product Weight: 1420 g
  • Max User Weight: 150kg, accommodating a broad spectrum of residents within care settings.
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