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Overbed Table Oak - With Castors Gas Assisted

Designed to seamlessly complement our beds, this overbed table is engineered with both caregiver and residents needs in mind. Its wide range of height and angle adjustments allows for a personalised experience, ensuring comfort and convenience for residents while eating, reading, or using mobile devices.

About this product

Our Overbed Table Oak is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a tool to enhance the well-being and comfort of those in your care. Featuring a robust gas-assisted adjustment system, it offers effortless height and angle modification to accommodate various activities and bed heights. The smooth-gliding castors ensure easy manoeuvrability, allowing the table to be positioned or moved away with minimal effort. Constructed with a focus on safety and reliability, it supports a safe working load of 11 kg, making it ideal for a wide range of uses.

Product Details

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for meal times, reading, or using electronic devices, enhancing patient comfort and autonomy.
  • Gas Assisted Adjustments: Effortlessly adjust both the height and angle of the wooden top to meet the specific needs of each user.
  • Mobility and Stability: Equipped with smooth-rolling castors for easy positioning, alongside secure locking mechanisms to ensure stability when in use.
  • Easy to Clean: The oak finish not only adds a touch of warmth and elegance to any room but is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment.


  • Safe Working Load: 11 kg
  • Dimensions (H × D × W): 72×90×45 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Height Adjustment Range: 72-107 cm
  • Angle Adjustment Range: 0-52°
  • Castors: Diameter ø5.0 cm, 4 castors in total, 2 of which are equipped with individual brakes for enhanced safety and stability.
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