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Pharmacy and Vaccine Bench Top Refrigerator - (36 Litre, Glass Door)

Featuring the cutting-edge Intellicold touch screen controller, this pharmacy refrigerator comes equipped with a range of additional functions, designed to maintain the perfect conditions for storing temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

About this product

Our Professional 36 Litre capacity pharmacy refrigerator is meticulously designed to provide secure storage for cold chain medicines. Featuring a 1-metre secondary (wandering) temperature probe, this advanced refrigerator allows flexible placement within the unit. The cutting-edge touch screen controller, with its completely flat surface, not only facilitates thorough cleaning and disinfection but also eliminates the risk of raised buttons colleting dirt and germs. This controller displays crucial information, triggers alarms, and records both minimum and maximum temperatures for precise temperature management.

Product Details

  • Warranty: Free 5-year parts and labour warranty, valid across the UK.
  • Clear LED Display: A clear LED display provides precise information by showing the internal temperature of the medical fridge to one decimal place, ensuring accurate monitoring of storage conditions.  
  • Battery Back Up: This feature ensures the continuous recording of data and activation of alarms even in the event of a mains power failure, maintaining the integrity of your stored pharmaceuticals.
  • Door Open Alarm: An audible door open alarm is a built-in feature that activates when the fridge door is left open, promptly alerting staff to ensure it is closed, maintaining the integrity of stored contents.
  • Self-Closing Door: The self-closing door feature ensures that the fridge door automatically shuts behind caregivers who are accessing the fridge, preserving the storage conditions.


  • Capacity (Litres): 36
  • Style: Bench Top
  • Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D): 540 x 450 x 510 mm
  • Interior Dimensions (H x W x D): 392 x 331 x 226 mm
  • Operating Temperature: +5oC
  • Temperature Range: +2oC to +8oC
  • Power Consumption Kwh/24hrs: 1.53
  • Interior Construction: Moulded Plastic
  • Exterior Construction: Powder Coated Steel
  • Shelves: 2
  • Net Weight (kg): 31
  • Door Style: Glass
  • Door Hinging: Right
  • Brackets for Wall Mounting
  • Self-Closing Door
  • Key Lock
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Internal Light
  • High/Low Temperature Alarm
  • Min/Max Temperature Recording
  • Automatic Temperature & Fridge Operation Recording
  • Second Temperature Probe
  • Mains Failure Alarm
  • Off Cycle Auto Defrost
  • Fan Assisted Cooling
  • Remote Alarm Contacts
  • Access Port
  • DH Green Book Guidelines Compliant
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