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Able Assist

The Able Assist Stand Aid is an innovative solution designed to enhance the care environment in care homes. It offers a dignified and safe way to transfer residents from one room to another, including direct access to toilets, which is crucial for maintaining the dignity and comfort of residents. This aid is particularly beneficial for residents who can move from a seated to a standing position, providing them with support and stability during transfers.

About this product

The Able Assist is a versatile and user-friendly transfer aid,  designed for use in care homes. It serves as an ideal tool for care homes committed to providing top-notch care and comfort to their residents. The assist is equipped with four wheels, two of which have brakes, ensuring safety and ease of movement through various spaces within the care environment. Its design allows for it to be wheeled directly to a toilet, positioning the wheels on either side, thus offering a more dignified experience for the resident.

Product Details

  • Lightweight and Effortlessly Manoeuvrable: This stand aid is designed to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it practical for caregivers to use in various care settings.
  • Tool-Free Height Adjustment: The padded lower leg support can be adjusted to suit the user's comfort without the need for tools.
  • Generous Seat Area: The seat area is generously sized to ensure user comfort during transfers.
  • Upgraded Leg-Opening Mechanism: The aid features an upgraded leg-opening mechanism, allowing for easy positioning around wider furniture.
  • Improved Castors: Enhanced castors provide secure and smooth transportation within the care environment.
  • Dignity in Care: The Boost can be wheeled directly up to a toilet, with wheels positioned on either side, ensuring the resident's dignity while sitting down.
  • Narrow Width: Its narrow width enables caregivers to manoeuvre easily through standard doorways and between furniture.
  • Padded Hand-Rail: A padded hand-rail adds to user comfort during transfers.
  • Additional Carer Push Bar: An extra push bar is included to improve manoeuvring and accommodate varying support requirements.
  • Easy to Clean: The aid features easy wipe-clean surfaces, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Stability: A substantial footplate provides stability during transfers.
  • Robust Pedals: Robust pedals allow for smooth and easy opening and closing of the legs.
  • Support Belts: The Boost is compatible with our range of optional ladder-style support belts, providing added security and peace of mind.


  • Height: 104.5cm
  • Overall Width (Legs Closed): 66cm
  • Width (Legs Open): 91cm
  • Length: 97cm
  • Seat Height: 66cm front, 79.5cm rear
  • Seat Depth: 30.5cm
  • Seat Width: 57cm
  • Product Weight: 33.9kg
  • User Weight Capacity: 200kg (31.5 st)
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