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Able Assist

The Able Assist has many uses to aid the user and carer in the care environment. The perfect solution for transferring users from room to room, it can also be wheeled directly to a toilet, with the wheels positioned each side of the toilet, which therefore provides more dignity for the user to sit down. The Able Assist has 4 wheels, 2 of these wheels have brakes, consequently providing safety and ease when transferring between rooms. This Assist is ideal for user that can achieve a standing position from a seating position, as their legs can be supported by the knee brace and the horizontal bar is in front of them, enabling them to hold onto this for security.

Product Details

  • Length: 86cm (34")
  • Height: 96cm (48")
  • Open width: 61cm (24")
  • Knee pad width: 39cm (15")
  • Knee pad height: 26 (10")
  • Knee pad height from base plate: 17cm-41cm (7"-16")
  • Handle height (from base): 85cm (33")
  • Seat height (from floor): 62cm (24")
  • Chassis length: 75cm (29.5")
  • Chassis width (front): 46cm (18")
  • Chassis width (back): 61cm (24")
  • Chassis width (internal): 35cm (14")
  • Maximum user weight: 185kg (29st)
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