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NHC-050-0001 - 90cm / 120cm / 140cm

NHC Divan Bed Base Waterproof With Wooden Legs

The NHC Divan Bed Base with Wooden Legs is available in three different sizes – 90cm, 120cm and 140cm. Combining cost-effectiveness with comfort, this divan base is the perfect choice for the care home environment.

About this product

The NHC Divan Bed Base with Wooden Legs is a waterproof bed base that combines comfort with practicality. The inclusion of wooden legs ensures compatibility with patient hoists, allowing for easy manoeuvrability underneath the divan bed. Its water-resistant material facilitates easy cleaning, making it resilient against fluid or spillages and thereby prolonging the life of the bed base. Additionally, a headboard from our Divan Headboard Range can be fitted to complement this divan base.

Product Details

  • Wooden Legs: Enables compatibility with patient hoists, resulting in smooth transfers from the bed.
  • Waterproof: Easy cleaning and resilient against fluid and spillages.
  • Headboards Available: A headboard can be effortlessly fitted from our Divan Headboard Range.  


  • 13.5 Gauge Spring
  • 6 Gauge Full Wire Edge
  • 1200g Mixed Fibre
  • Smooth Tension Top
  • 900g Insular Pad
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