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NHC-060-0003 - 120cm

Barnard Combination Mattress - Three Quarter

The Barnard Combination Mattress offers a versatile sleeping solution, blending waterproof functionality with luxurious comfort. Designed to cater to a wide range of needs, this mattress is available in standard comfort with dimensions tailored to fit most bed frames. Its innovative design incorporates both waterproof and breathable sections, making it ideal for diverse living environments and ensuring a hygienic, comfortable sleep.

About this product

This mattress is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring multiple layers of insulation and upholstery padding for unmatched comfort. The waterproof side provides protection against spills and accidents, while the non-waterproof side offers a soft, breathable sleeping surface. Enhanced with anti-fungal, anti-MRSA, and anti-bacterial properties, the Barnard Combination Mattress is designed for those who value hygiene and health alongside comfort in their bedding.

Product Details

  • Waterproof and Non-Waterproof Sides: Offers versatility for different uses and preferences.
  • Multiple Comfort Layers: Includes two 900 gram insulator mattresses, two 1200 gram upholstery pads, and two 500 gram polyester layers for superior comfort.
  • Quilted Border: Features a 9-inch quilted border using 300 gram polyester for added luxury and durability.
  • Breathable Fabric: Equipped with breathable fabric that possesses anti-fungal, anti-MRSA, and anti-bacterial properties for a clean sleeping environment.
  • Cotton Panel: One side covered in 100% cotton colorfast fabric for a soft, natural feel.
  • Ventilation: Six breathing vents to ensure air circulation, maintaining freshness and reducing moisture build-up.


  • Sizes: 120cm x 190cm x 23cm
  • Other Sizes Available:
    • 90cm x 190cm x 23cm
    • 140cm x 190cm x 23cm
  • Materials: Combination of polyester layers, cotton fabric, and specialised waterproof material.
  • Features: Waterproof side, breathable non-waterproof side, anti-fungal, anti-MRSA, anti-bacterial, quilted border, breathing vents.
  • Finish: Tension top finish for added comfort and support.
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