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Bed Bath Trolley

Our Bed Bath Trolley is designed to enhance the care experience in nursing homes. This trolley ensures dignity and comfort for residents during showering routines. Its thoughtful design and robust features ensure safety and ease of use.

About this product

Our Bed Bath Trolley is specifically tailored for the dynamic environment of care homes. It facilitates smooth transport to and from showering areas, reflecting an understanding of the needs of both residents and caregivers.

Product Details

  • Enhanced Resident Comfort: The trolley is equipped with a foam padded PVC liner, complete with side supports and end panels. This setup not only maximises comfort but also ensures resident security during transport and showering.
  • Effortless Mobility: Featuring a large mobile wheel design, the trolley includes a central locking and steering facility, making manoeuvrability simple.
  • Convenient Transfer Features: The side support rails are thoughtfully designed to fold down, facilitating easy resident transfer.
  • Effective Water Management: A low gradient tilt towards the foot end, coupled with an integral waste outlet, ensures efficient water drainage, keeping the process clean and manageable.


  • Safe Working Load: The trolley has a substantial lifting capacity of 240Kg (528lbs).
  • Adjustable Height Mechanism: Hydraulic height adjustment ranges from 41cm to 94cm, operable via a foot pedal, allowing caregivers to choose the optimal height for each resident.
  • Support Cushion: Supplied with a foam padded PVC cushion, adding an extra layer of comfort.
  • Drainage System: Includes a plug and drain hose, complete with a storage bracket.
  • Protective Bumpers: Fitted on all corners to protect against impacts during transport. These bumpers are removable, reducing the trolley's width to 65cm for navigating tight doorways.
  • Wheelchair Friendly: The trolley lowers to wheelchair height, simplifying resident transfers.
  • Precision Engineering: Purpose-made precision bearings on all pivot points ensure smooth operation.
  • Hoist Compatibility: Clearance beneath the frame accommodates mobile hoists, offering versatility in handling different resident needs.
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