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NHC Standing Aid

Introducing our NHC Standing Aid, the ultimate solution for enhancing mobility, and providing unapparelled support for your residents. 

About this product

Elevate the standard of care in your home with our NHC Standing Aid. Modular technology and ergonomic design reduces physical strain, making it easier for carers to assist residents in their daily activities. Enhanced support is achieved through the inclusion of knee support, a comfortable seat pad and a secure handrail, resulting in comfort and confidence for the resident.

Product Details

  • Aluminium Alloy Frame: Aluminium frame enables effortless maneuvering and opertational simplicity, enhancing the ease of use. 
  • Low-Chassis: Low Chasis offers easy access to beds and other areas that have a minimum base height.
  • Anti-Slip Foot Plate: The foot platform features an anti-slip design, ensuring patients stability and preventing any accidental slips or falls. 
  • Knee Support: Knee support, seat pad and handrail provide extra stability. Together they form a secure triangle structure that provies a safe and comfortable support system for residents using the standing aid 
  • Open Leg Easily: Chassis opens easily by foot pedal, and the front leg can be widened for closer access to a wheelchair, commode or chair, ensuring convenience and ease of use. 
  • Cushioned Hand Rail: The hand rail is designed for a secure grip, ensuring both safety and comfort. It features a cushioned cover to provide comfort and support. 
  • Built In Handgrip: The integrated handgrip is a helpful feature for caregivers, facilitaing the easy rotation of the seat pad for added convenience during patient handling. 
  • Ergonomic Seat: The molded ergonomic seat is equiped with a one-time foam pad, ensuring patient comfort and easy cleaning. It smoothly rotates on an aluminium alloy casting bracket, providing convenient access for patients onto the stanading aid.


  • Trolley Size: 800 (L) ± 20 * 615 (W) ± 20 * 1070 (H) ± 20 mm
  • Seat Board:  0 - 150°
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