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The Ablestand is a robust and versatile solution designed to empower caregivers in transferring residents between various sitting to standing positions with ease and safety. Perfect for transitions to seats, beds, wheelchairs, or commodes, the Ablestand is engineered for comfort, stability, and adaptability.

About this product

Its sturdy steel frame ensures reliable support, fostering confidence during transfers. The design is thoughtfully tailored to accommodate individual requirements. Height-adjustable handles and tool-free adjustable padded lower leg supports offer a personalised fit, enhancing user comfort and stability during each movement.

Product Details

  • Robust Frame: Constructed with sturdy steel, providing stable and dependable support for your resident.
  • Height Adjustable Handles: Easily modified to meet the specific needs of each resident, ensuring comfort and convenience.
  • Versatile Leg Supports: Padded lower leg supports are readily adjustable in width, angle, and height without tools, catering to the resident's comfort.
  • Low Profile Base: Facilitates easy placement of the resident's feet, enhancing the ease of transfers.
  • Stable Base Design: A substantial base area coupled with a rear bar allows the carer to counterbalance effectively, ensuring stability during transfers.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design: Features multiple gripping points to accommodate various support requirements and is angled to promote a natural "nose-over-toe" standing movement.
  • Central Handle Opening: Allows for the quick attachment of optional support belts, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • Smooth Mobility: Equipped with two rear 8cm castors, enabling effortless transportation between residents.
  • Easy Maintenance: Designed for simple dismantling and reassembly without the need for tools, complemented by easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • User-Initiated Movement: Requires the resident to engage in the standing process, ensuring it's used appropriately and safely.


  • Dimensions: Height: 126cm, Width: 49cm, Length: 46cm
  • Product Weight: 17kg, making it sturdy yet manageable.
  • User Weight Capacity: Can comfortably support up to 150kg (24st), accommodating a wide range of residents.
  • Material: Primarily composed of high-grade, durable steel with easy-to-clean surfaces for hygiene maintenance.
  • Mobility Feature: Includes rear castors for smooth movement. It's designed for pivoting between sitting surfaces, not for transporting residents over distances.
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