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Guide to Electric Profile Beds

Electric beds play a critical role in taking care of the elderly and those who have been affected by health conditions that limit their mobility.

If you are looking for a restful night’s sleep either for yourself or a loved one, an electric profile bed offers the perfect solution. Electric profile beds are adjustable beds that are specifically designed for medical use, to help adjust the patient’s position and make them as supportive as possible.

Where are profile Beds Used?


If you have a loved one who has special needs owing to their age, health condition or obesity, electric profile beds are the best way to care for them. Profiling beds provide excellent support in the comfort of your own home. Patients who are being cared for and treated at home, spend the most part of their day and night in bed. Electric beds are suitable for home care use given their size, dimensions, ease of use, adjustability and other features such as head and neck elevation, support and alignment. Most electric beds have safety features such as railings to prevent the user from falling out of bed and injuring themselves.

Care Homes

Many times, patients have to be admitted to a care home so that professional nurses or caregivers can attend to their special needs. Electric profile beds are widely used in care home settings as they cater to different patients having various health conditions. Some care homes have different rooms for physiotherapy sessions, sponging or any other treatment for which the patient might have to be moved from one room to another. In such situations, beds that have wheels and can move the patient easily without disturbing the patient are of great use.

Advantages of Using Electric Profile Beds

  • Better Blood Circulation – Electric profile beds allow the patient to lie down in specific positions such as head-high, legs-elevated, etc. This improves blood circulation to the affected part and helps them recover faster.
  • Pain Relief – Electric profile beds can be adjusted to help the patient stay in a specific position according to their health condition. This provides relief from join-pain or back-ache.
  • Relief from Swelling – Patients who have issues of swollen ankles or feet can keep usually keep their legs elevated using a pillow. However, when the user moves during sleep, there are chances that the position might get disturbed. Using an electric profile bed, helps the users keep their legs elevated thus providing relief from swelling and pressure.
  • Better sleep – Many times patients are not able to sleep well due to the pain. Sometimes, they move in their sleep which increases pressure on the affected part, thus causing them to wake up frequently. Electric beds have settings to allow specific angle adjustments and positions, to help the user sleep comfortably.
  • Enhanced breathing – Sleeping on a regular bed can cause the airways to get blocked thus causing sleep disturbances. The electric bed allows the user to sleep in an elevated position and helps them breathe easier.
  • Relaxation – Patients can enjoy activities such as watching television, reading or listening to music in a much comfortable way. This can be very relaxing and rejuvenating for them, thus helping them recover faster.
  • Easy to use – Profiling beds are simple to set up and install. It is very easy to clean and maintain the bed due to its design and material of construction.

Looking for profiling Beds?

Before buying an electric bed, it is important to speak to a medical professional and know more about the patient’s health condition. It will help you choose the right electric bed.

Do your research, check online reviews and speak to existing users before you make the decision. Since the product will be used for a long time, it is important to buy good quality electric beds from a trustworthy, experienced and credible company.


NHC Group has a full range of affordable and excellent quality electric profile beds. We have a team of dedicated advisors to understand your needs and help you find the most suitable products with up to 5 years’ warranty. We have an excellent customer care team who can help clarify any queries you may have.

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