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Why Having the Right Cushion Matters?

When you are looking for a good night’s sleep or comfortable seating, it’s important to choose the right pressure cushion.

The right cushion lends support and comfort to the neck and head and is useful while sleeping and sitting up in bed. At NHC Group, we bring to you a full range of healthcare products and nursing equipment including airflow and foam cushions.

Right Cushion, Great Comfort

From helping you sleep better and longer to reducing neck, head and shoulder pain, the right cushion can give you comfort. Cushions made from the right materials also help prevent infection and allergies, keeping you safe.

Our cushions come in standard sizes but can also be customised to suit your requirements. Whether it is for the elderly at home or for your patients in your nursing care home, we have the right cushions that can add comfort to their everyday life.

NHC Comfort High-Risk Foam Cushion

Manufactured using the very best quality, temperature-sensitive memory foam, this cushion comes with a high-density combustion ether foam base.

The cushion boasts excellent pressure reducing qualities while giving you enhanced comfort due to its castellated foam design combination. The multi-stretch, vapour-permeable cover material comes with a 2-year warranty whereas the foam has a 4-year warranty.

The cushion is compatible with most standard seating systems and conforms fully to British Standards. It is clinically proven, provides infection control and is also fire-retardant.

NHC Serenity Very-High-Risk Foam Cushion

This cushion is designed to provide total weight redistribution and ultimate comfort for high to very-high-risk patients and the elderly.

It is made of high quality castellated combustion ether modified foam (CEM). With a multi-stretch, vapour-permeable cover material, the cushion is a completely high-frequency welded product.

Offering infection control, ensuring excellent pressure redistribution and with fire retardant qualities NHC Serenity foam cushions offer total comfort and complete peace of mind.

NHC Comfort Very-High-Risk Airflow Cushion with Pump

This dynamic cushion is very useful in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers for patients, disabled and elderly in all categories of risk. It helps to maintain a good level of blood flow around the body whilst seated.

The cushion contains 8 alternating and 6 static horizontal cells that alternatively inflate and deflate in a cyclical pattern. This cushion is best for anyone who tends to spend a great deal of time sitting on a chair.

The NHC Comfort Very High-Risk Airflow Cushions come with a 2-year warranty.

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