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Under Construction...

… indeed the website is, but there is more!

“Time flies when you’re having fun”, they say. It’s nearly 20 years since our inception. When did that happen?

Over the last few months things have been rather hectic, to say the least. We felt that to keep up to our commitment with our existing and growing clientbase, we had to bring things in line with the ongoing growth of the company.

New Website

We hope that you will have noticed that you are now on a brand new website. Fresh looks and a modern platform will get us through the next months and there is an even better one in the pipeline!

So follow us on our social media channels and keep up to date:

New Premises

A website migration is one thing but that is nothing in comparison to moving the whole warehouse and offices from Washington to Boldon! Obviously we have done our utmost to limit damage to our logistical performance and hope you have hardly noticed anything! If you did, we apologise, but let us know!

The new NHC Group premises on 4 Didcot Way, Boldon Business Park, Boldon NE35 9PD

New team members

There can be no happy residents without home care staff, and no happy home care staff without the committed team here at NHC Group! So we are also expanding on this front.

We have grown our team of field engineers as well as warehouse and back-office staff, to further improve our service to you. Over the next few weeks we will introduce you to them on our Team Page with headshots and a short bio. So if you haven’t met the person you are dealing with just yet, here is your chance!

NHC Group, the ‘SaaS’ for Care Homes?

If you have been with us for years then you know how much we have changed over those 20 odd years. We had to because, so did you. Now we are trying to look ahead and we are more and more becoming a full service partner of care homes across the UK.

Recent times has made us realise that we can do so much more to help you with managing your care home. So we have launched the NHC Group asset maintenance portal.

The newly-launched portal by NHC Group is designed to take your asset management to the next level and to help you check the state of your assets at a glance. You can read more about it via the link below:

Asset Management Portal

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