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Make Life Easier with Mobile Hoists and Stand Aids

Standing aids are designed to offer support as you stand up while ensuring a smooth transfer with the carer’s assistance. Some common stand aids include electrical hoists, attachable slings and sit to stand aids.

Mobile hoists and stand aids

Mobile hoists and stand aids are suited for a wide range of care environments and provide an excellent solution for moving and handling issues. Designed for maximum comfort, safety to both the user and care giver, stand aids and hoists promote mobility and allow daily handling routines efficiently.

They are ideal for patients with higher levels of mobility who have some amount of weight-bearing ability. These aids could be used to transfer a patient from a sitting position to standing and for seated transfers, for instance, from a wheelchair to the toilet seat.

At NHC Group, we offer a range of high-quality seated and stand aids and hoists for care homes and home care. We offer stand aids for varying levels of mobility and rehabilitation needs.

Stand Up Lifts

People who aren’t able to stand on their own could use a stand-up lift to avoid secondary complications that arise from prolonged use of a wheelchair.

Standing frames offer a range of benefits.

To start with, they are very user-friendly, which means the user won’t be intimidated. Nor would they have to worry about learning how to operate it.

The user’s ability to stand with the help of a stand-up hoist can improve their quality of life while restoring their ability to engage in activities that their injury may have curbed. These aids play a key role in physical therapy to help recover a patient from surgery, injury or expand their range of motion.

Moreover, they increase your independence and autonomy.

What’s more, stand up frames are very easy to store.

Hoist Slings

Hoist Slings are mechanised stand aids that can prove highly effective when you can bear your weight for a short period but can’t pull yourself up into a standing position. Hoist slings allow you to maintain a standing position while the functional task or transfer is completed.

Stand up lift slings are very straightforward. They typically feature a padded wide belt that wraps around your chest. Straps are attached to the stand-up lift arms that pull you to a standing position when the lift is raised.



It’s important to choose the right stand aid. For instance, if you cater to plus-sized patients, it’s important to choose stand aids that can handle the appropriate weight. Stand aids come in a range of weight limits, so choose the correct size.

It is also important to choose stand aids that reduce noise and provide a smooth movement.

At NHC Group, we stock a wide range of hoists and stand aids. We supply to care homes as well as individuals. If you have any questions or would like sound advice, feel free to contact us. Our friendly team would be happy to assist. Call 0191 416 9512 now.

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